Silica-free superoxalloy abrasives


Moisture & Oil Tolerant Coatings


Machinery Grouts, Concrete Repair Mortars

Blome International

Polymer Concrete, Acid Brick Mortars, Membranes, and Coatings


Industrial chemical resistant coatings and putties

CHLOR*RID International

Soluble Salt Removers, Soluble Salt Kits, Hold Blast

C.I.M. Industries, Inc.

Elastomeric Coatings


Corrosion prevention to improve coating adhesion

CTS Cement Manufacturing

Fast-Setting Hydraulic Cements, Grouts and Concrete Repair

Unitex by Dayton Superior

Machinery Grouts, Anchor Bolt Grouts and Adhesives

Denso North America, Inc.

Petrolatum Wax Tapes, Girth Weld Coatings

Dudick, Inc.

Coatings, Floorings, Tank Linings and Polymer Concrete

Eagle Industries

Debris Netting, Scaffolding Enclosures, Sandblast Screens, Reinforced Poly


Cleaners, Sealers, Corrosion Control.


Low Slope and Liquid Applied Roofing Systems and Shingles

GCP (Deneef)

Polyurethane Injection Resins

Gill Chemical Company

Gill 33: High Early Concrete Admixture

Gulf Coast Paint Mfg., Inc.

Industrial Chemical Coatings


Industrial Coatings

Highland International

Engineered Paint Systems (High Heat/Dry Fall)


Composite repairs solutions for API 653

ITW Chockfast

Chockfast® and Escoweld® High Performance Epoxy Grouts

ITW Engineered Polymers

(PolySpec) Thiokol Coatings and Sealants

JP Specialties, Inc.

Earth Shield Chemical Resistant TPV Waterstop


Thermal Insulating Coatings

Neptune Research (NRI)

Innovative Composite Solutions that restore, protect, and reinforce pipes, pipelines, and civil structures.

Oerlikon Metco (TSA)

Thermal Spray Metalizing Equipment

Pelseal Technologies, LLC

Fluoroelastomer Caulks, Sealants

Polar Seal, Inc.

Elastomeric Acrylic Coatings

Polymeric Systems, Inc. (PSI)

Specialty Adhesives and Sealants

Precision Piping Products

Prevent corrosion, flange damage, and debris

Reed Pumps

High quality unite machines

TMS Metalizing Systems, Ltd (TSA)

Thermal Spray Metalizing Equipment

ZRC Worldwide Technologies

Innovative Zinc Technologies (Cold Galvanizing)