Coatings, Tank Linings, Floor Toppings

  • Acid/Base Detecting Paint
  • Acid/Chemical Resistant Coatings
  • Anti-Skid Coatings
  • Below Grade Waterproofing Coatings
  • Ceramic Insulating Coatings
  • Ceramic Pump Coatings
  • Coating Solutions for Crevice and Pack Rusted Joints
  • Cold Galvanizing Compound
  • Corrosion Resistant Coatings
  • Dry-Fall Coatings
  • Elastomeric Roof Coatings
  • Fluorescent High Visibility Paint
  • Flexible Ceramic Coatings
  • High End Phenolics/Saekaphen Heat Exchanger Systems Tube Bundle Coatings
  • High Temperature Resistant Coatings
  • Under Insulation Coatings
  • Non-Stick Coatings
  • Rust Converters
  • Self Leveling Coatings
  • Small I.D. Overlay Weld Metallurgy
  • Tank Linings
  • Under Insulation Coatings (CUI)
  • Wear/Abrasion Resistant Coatings

> Acid Brick Mortars, Membranes, and Polymer Concrete

> Grouts All Types (Epoxies, Non-Shrink, Rapid Set, and Chemical Resistant)

> Epoxy Adhesives (Injection Resins, Anchor Grouting, Rebar Doweling, Bonding Agents)

> Fluoropolymer Linings,(Teflon®), Membranes and Tapes with Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Backing

> Concrete Repair Mortars (Rapid Set, Non-Shrink, Epoxies)

> Self-leveling Concrete Toppings and Underlayment

> Sealants/Caulks (Viton, Fluoroelastomer, Polysulfide, Polyurethane)

> Waterproofing (DeNeef Urethane Injection Grouts, Membranes, Sealants, TPV Waterstops)

> Chlor*Rid Liquid Soluble Salt Remover and Test Kits

> Composite Repair Products for Process Piping and Pipelines (Pipewraps)

> Metal Repair and Patching Compounds (Epoxy, Machinable, Rapid Set, Pipe Repair Kits)

> Cement Admixtures (High Early Strength, Non-Shrink, Can Be Coated in Hours)

> Floor Coating Application Tools (Spiked Rollers, Gauge Rakes, Notched Squeegees)

> Pipeline Protective Tapes (Petrolatum, Bitumen and Butyl Tape Systems) (Denso)

> Waterborne Surface Preparation Compounds (Paint Removers)

> Polyurethane Spray Foam Systems (Touch-N-Seal)

> Thermal Insulating Coatings (Mascoat Delta "T" Industrial)

> Thermal Spreay Aluminum (Sulzer-Metco)

> Ambex Anchoring Capsules

> Migrating Corrosion Inhibitors for Concrete

> Corrosion Inhibitors for Steel Surfaces



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