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827- HB HiTemp Product Details
827- HB HiTemp
827-HB Series HiTemp is a unique high-build single package inert multipolymeric matrix coating designed to provide heat stability & withstand severe cyclic conditions up to 1200˚F.  It is an excellent choice for coating under insulation (CUI), stacks, chemical plant components, refineries and other areas that require corrosion protection and see elevated temperatures up to 1200˚F.  It is specifically formulated to allow application to marginally prepared surfaces at dry film thicknesses up to 16 mils. 827-HB Series provides the best characteristics of a premium high temperature coating in a Dry-Fall "Spray Safe” formula that eliminates over spray worries and meets SS-4, SS-5, CS-6 and CS-8 of NACE SP0198-10.
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