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CeRam-Kote SPG22 Product Details
CeRam-Kote SPG22
CeRam-Kote SPG22 is a technically advanced ceramic, 100% novolac epoxy material that has been designed to be a high-build corrosion barrier. CeRam-Kote SPG22 may be applied in thickness of 30 mils (750 microns). CeRam-Kote SPG22 is supplied as a 100% solids by volume and provides a non-shrinking surface after application. CeRam-Kote SPG22 is ideal for secondary containment environments. CeRam-Kote SPG22 has DEP Approval as a coating for concrete secondary containment in the state of Florida. CeRam-Kote SPG22 is specially formulated to reduce labor costs through its quick one-coat application versus other high build products. CeRam-Kote SPG22 may be used as a stand-alone system or in conjunction with other Freecom coating materials. CeRam-Kote SPG22 is available in grey or off-white.

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