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Syntho-Subsea LV Product Details
Syntho-Subsea LV
Syntho-Subsea™LV Epoxy is a unique blend of liquid epoxy, polymer, and aliphatic polyamine curing agents that is able to displace water from wet surfaces in order to make a permanent bond. The formulation is solvent-free to ensure safety and maximum technical performance. Kevlar® fibers are incorporated for reinforcement and viscosity management to achieve high-application rates – even subsea. Provides permanent protection under the most adverse conditions, the formula is uniquely field-friendly and uses advanced, low-toxicity ingredients in a high-build brush able/roll able product. This versatile epoxy system can achieve high-performance characteristics, excellent adhesion, resistance to high pressures, resistance to high and low temperature extremes, as well as outstanding resistance to petroleum products and chemicals. This product can also be used for above ground and below ground applications. Syntho-Subsea™LV Epoxy can be shipped non-regulated by USDOT, IATA, and IMO.
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