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Syntho-Glass XT Product Details
Syntho-Glass XT
Syntho-Glass® XT system is a unique pre-impregnated, bi-directional composite used to repair and reinforce both internal and external corrosion on pipelines or structures. Our pre-preg system ensures proper fiber-to-resin content ratios which are crucial to reliable performance. This operator qualified engineered system was designed to conform to and recognized by ASME PCC-2, ASME B31, ISOTS24817, DOT, API, and CSA Z662 standards for nonmetallic reinforcing solutions, thus ensuring product application integrity. This extreme strength design minimizes the time and cost of refurbishment by reducing the time to repair, as well as the replacement cost. When used with the appropriate primary coating, Syntho-Glass XT enables one to repair and reinforce virtually any geometry in minutes.
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