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Product Name
Neptune Research (NRI)  
Syntho-Glass® is the originally, patented fiberglass pre-impregnated composite that is activated by salt or freshwater.
Syntho-Glass UP
Syntho-Glass®UP Repair System was specifically designed for under pressure leak repair applications on copper, steel, SS, PVC, FRP, concrete, rubber, and more. By combining the original Syntho-Glass® product, with the extremely chemically resistant
Syntho-Glass XT
Syntho-Glass® XT system is a unique pre-impregnated, bi-directional composite used to repair and reinforce both internal and external corrosion on pipelines or structures.
Syntho-Poxy HC
Syntho-PoxyTMHC is a two-part epoxy compound that cures quickly at room temperature and is suitable for repairing pitted metal and steel surfaces that are subjected to high pressure.
Syntho-Subsea LV
Syntho-Subsea™LV Epoxy is a unique blend of liquid epoxy, polymer, and aliphatic polyamine curing agents that is able to displace water from wet surfaces in order to make a permanent bond.
Thermo-Wrap™ is a custom engineered composite system utilizing a high strength, bidirectional, woven fiberglass tape in conjunction with NRI's proprietary Thermo-Poxy™ epoxy system for the repair and restoration of pipes operating at elevated temper