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815-DF HiTemp Dry-Fall
815-DF Series is an air dry single package acrylic silicone copolymer topcoat designed to provide excellent color stability and corrosion protection for surfaces up to 500˚F for all standard and custom colors.

827- HB HiTemp
827-HB Series HiTemp is a unique high-build single package inert multipolymeric matrix coating designed to provide heat stability & withstand severe cyclic conditions up to 1200˚F.

865- LH HiTemp Topcoat
HiTemp 865-LH Series is a single package modified silicone topcoat that is limited to less than 3.5 lbs. VOC per gallon. Originally designed for hot mix asphalt plants, HiTemp 865LH meets a multitude of high heat demands.

Chem Temp - 74 HF
Chem‐Temp 74‐HF Series is a thin film 2‐K Hybrid Epoxy Novolac Liner Coating that offers  exceptional temperature and chemical protection. Specifically formulated for tank linings, vessels, and pipelines, 74-HF Series  provides su

HiTemp 51 Series
HiTemp 51 Series 450˚F Insulation Epoxy Primer is a high build surface tolerant 2-K hybrid epoxy novolac that is specifically formulated to provide exceptional temperature insulation and heat reduction properties, as well as exceptional chemical

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