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Heresite EB-6817-1 Baked Epoxy Coating
Two component, high solids baked epoxy formulated to resist high alkaline chemicals and higher temperatures.

Heresite EB-6917-1 Baked Epoxy Coating
A two packaged high solids baked epoxy coating.

Heresite EP-6308 Baking Epoxy Phenolic (Tan)
Heresite EP-6308 coating is a high performance coating capable of providing economical protection in severe, and chemically corrosive environments.

Heresite P-403L Baking Phenolic (brown)
Heresite P-403L material is a highly chemical resistant baked phenolic coating designed for use in tank cars, railcars, and storage tanks where chemicals with a pH values less than 9 are likely to be encountered.

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