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Application Procedures for Injecting Polyurethane Grouts
Polyurethanes as well as some acrylics and acrylates, are commonly installed into joints and cracks for the purposes of stopping leaks and sealing voids.

DeNeef Dene-Plug Regular
Dene-Plug is a rapid curing Hydro-active Portland cement based Product designed to cut off water leaks. Dene-Plug can be used on concrete or masonry surfaces above or below water tables. Dene-Plug exhibits excellent bond strengths and high early stre

Deneef Hydro Active CUT PURe
Cut PURe is a hydrophobic polyurethane designed to fill large voids in rock fissures, gravel layers, joints, and cracks in concrete structures and for the cut-off of gushing water.

Deneef Hydro Active FLEX LV PURe
Flex LV PURe is a hydrophobic polyurethane designed to form a flexible gasket when injected into cracks and joints in concrete structures.

Deneef Hydro Active FLEX SLV PURe
Flex SLV PURe is an ultra low viscosity hydrophobic polyurethane designed to be injected into hairline cracks in concrete structures.

Deneef Hydro Active Sealfoam PURe
Sealfoam PURe is a single component, low viscosity, hydrophilic MDI based polyurethane resin.

DeNeef Injecto Kit
Injecto Tube is a preventative waterstop system consisting of a yellow, spiral formed wire tube, covered its full length by a reinforced membrane and filter, with a diameter of (12mm).

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