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Acrylic Bonding Agent J40
A ready to use, non-reemulsifiable acrylic admixture and bonding agent designed to improve the adhesion and durability of concrete, masonry, stucco, terrazzo and portland cement-sand mixes to horizontal and vertical concrete and other surfaces.

Cure & Seal J23 UV
Cure & Seal 30% J23UV is a 30% solid acrylic copolymer cure, seal and dustproofing compound in an aromatic solvent containing special U.V. stabilizers. The higher acrylic solids content will form an excellent surface coating with a high gloss finish

Rapid Resin Repair
Rapid Resin Repair is a 100% solids, low modulus, threecomponent, all weather, non-shrinking epoxy/urethane hybrid concrete repair and patching material. Rapid Resin Repair utilizes 100% solids epoxy/urethane technology along with specialty graded

Sure Grip High Preformance Grout
Sure-Grip High Performance Grout is a non-shrink, noncorrosive, non-metallic cementitious grout designed to provide a controlled, positive expansion and to ensure an excellent bearing area. Sure-Grip High Performance Grout can be mixed in a fluid o

Tuf Seal J-35
Tuf Seal J35 is a scientifically formulated clear, non-yellowing sealer comprised of methyl methacrylate polymers. It dries to a durable, high gloss finish that not only protects, but also beautifies floors. Tuf Seal J35 is designed to provide pro

Waterstop is a non-corrosive, non-rusting, extremely fast setting hydraulic cement compound for plugging and stopping active water leaks in concrete structures or masonry surfaces. When mixed with water to a thick consistency and hand formed into

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