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Blome CP24-CC Potassium Silicate Concrete Product Details
Blome CP24-CC Potassium Silicate Concrete
Blome CP-24CC is a two component, potassium silicate concrete used for acid resistant pump pads, equipment pads, curbing, floors and sumps. CP-24CC is also used as a monolithic lining in various tank, vessel and hot gas ductwork applications. CP-24CC is well suited for applications requiring resistance to strong mineral acids, solvents and other corrosive chemicals. CP-24CC resists 98% sulfuric acid, 70% nitric acid, 37% hydrochloric, oleum, as well as many aggressive solvents. CP-24CC is resistant to all concentrations of all acids (except HF) and withstands temperatures to 1,800F.
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