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Blome 510 Sheet Membrane Product Details
Blome 510 Sheet Membrane

Blome Membrane 510 is an impervious, elastomeric membrane supplied in sheet form. Membrane 510 is produced in preformed rolls, at a uniform thickness of 60 mils and assures an impervious membrane system for acid brick and polymer concrete construction. The material is a fiberglass reinforced elastomer that is based on asphalt, modified with rubber and topcoated with a Mylar® polyester film for a working surface. This Mylar® film offers excellent resistance to strong acids, solvents and other corrosive chemicals that exceed the service limits of standard asphalt membrane systems. Membrane 510 is resistant to most mineral acids including sulfuric, hydrochloric and phosphoric, many aggressive solvents and acid/solvent solutions. The system exhibits excellent bond strength to properly prepared concrete and steel substrates. Blome Membrane 510 is fabric reinforced with a multi-directional glass structure throughout the membrane system. This provides excellent crack bridging properties and increases the systemís tear resistance.


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