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Blome 510 Sheet Membrane
Blome Membrane 510 is an impervious, elastomeric membrane supplied in sheet form.

Blome CP 110HB
Blome CP-110 HB represents the next generation of Vinyl Ester resin based mortars for chemical resistant brick and tile construction. It offers advanced technology that results in extremely high bond strength to brick and tile combined with unmatched

Blome CP24-CC Potassium Silicate Concrete
Blome CP-24CC is a two component, potassium silicate concrete used for acid resistant pump pads, equipment pads, curbing, floors and sumps.

Blome CP-25C Carbon Filled Furan Mortar
Blome CP-25C is a two component, 100% carbon filled furan mortar used for the installation of chemical resistant brick and tile.

Blome CP-5 Potassium Silicate Brick Mortar
Blome CP-5 is a two component Potassium Silicate based mortar used for the installation of chemical and abrasion resistant masonry linings.

Blome CP-96 Novolac Epoxy Mortar
Blome CP-96 is a three component, novolac epoxy mortar/setting bed used for the installation of chemical resistant brick and tile.

Blome Primer 75
Blome Primer 75 is a two-component, moisture-tolerant epoxy primer for steel, concrete and other substrates as specified. It achieves a tenacious bond to the substrate and tolerates substrate dampness but not wet surfaces.

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